Premek Hi Tech has always invested in high technology to ensure competitiveness in mechanical processing based on the customer’s design, but especially in recent years these investments have represented a commitment of more than 10% of annual turnover to guarantee a revolutionary pace, thanks to a complete digitalization of the company.

Three years ago, ahead of its time, we decided to start a deep renewal, bringing the level of digitalization to a particularly advanced stage with the implementation of decisive and futuristic interventions. Among these, the sensors adopted in all the forty machine tools of our fleet and the adoption of a new digital machine-operator interface system, for the benefit of a totally interconnected operation, which embodies the paradigm of the so-called “intelligent factory” .

Expression of this machine-operator interface is: I-Man from Prodware.




i-Man (Interactive Manufacturing) is a revolutionary solution that allows to organize the production and interact with the workers in the production departments in a highly efficient way.

The i-Man system consists of wireless touchscreen terminals equipped with a web-based software, which is the client side of the company computer system, and electronic cards interfaced to the machines to detect the state, the quantities produced and to receive and transmit the part-programs. Every information entered in i-Man is processed by the central system and is immediately available. At the same time any change in the production program or technical documentation comes in real time to production workers.


I-Man is a content system but with machines that can do great things and get great advantages:

– indicates the pieces to be put into work
– acquires data on the progress of production directly from the machine
– allows the detection of machine stops
– assists in carrying out quality checks
– print all the labels
– transmits and receives machine programs from the CNC
– shows the design of the piece
– manages barcodes


I-Man Quality

When the piece quantity required by the control plan is reached, i-Man warns the operator to perform the pre-established checks.


I-Man Quality
I-Man Quality

I-Man Traceability and logistics


The labels, in the most varied forms, can be printed directly on the machine. Withdrawals and deposits in warehouse locations are driven by i-Man Material Management.


I-Man Traceability and Logistic
I-Man Traceability and Logistic

I-Man Supervisor


Furthermore, with i-Man Supervisor, the production manager has control over all the machines. For each one he can know:

-the product being processed
– the quantities to be produced and the quantity released
– times and deviations with respect to the standard cycle
– any stops and causes
– the frequency and outcome of quality controls
– production efficiency

These features make i-Man an exceptional tool for dialogue between the personnel in the production departments and the rest of the company.

I-Man Analysis of Productive Efficiency


By processing the information present in the processing cycles and those obtained with I-MAN Interactive Manufacturing, this program generates analyzes on production efficiency in the following versions:

– machine / work center / department
– employee

The periods examined can be: a single working day, a week or a period of time as desired. For each period the individual shifts are highlighted.
With the Prodware Business Intelligence module, the management can analyze all production data according to their needs.



I-Man efficienza
I-Man efficienza


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