An accurate teamwork

“The success of a production company depends mainly by choices made upstream or downstream of the industrial process.”

Bring order and organization are key words for a company grown not only in his specialty manufacturing, but also in its approach to the market.

Premek Hi Tech

Premek Hi Tech, specialized in the manufacture and assembly of precision components mainly intended for the international market, is at the head of a group of companies closely related. Here work sixty employees, including machine operators and employees in corporate offices.

In support of the production activities, there is also a network of business partners, specialized in specific processing and treatments. The major development of the market in Northern Europe has also led to the opening of Premek Hi Tech Sweden, branch office based in Karlstad and Premek Hi Tech Germany, branch office based in Monaco.


“The continuos comparison with demanding markets, as those of Central Europe and North America, is an integral part of our corporate culture.”


Today over 75% of production is exported, in consolidated areas such as Northern Europe and new markets outside Europe in recent expansion.

Beyond the numbers, emerge the security and satisfaction of long-term relationships with major industrial groups, which provide foundations for stability and for development in the near future.


    “In a world that is constantly changing, product differentiation is a “natural” form of adaptation. For us, however, is also a creative pulse.”
    Over four hundred customers worldwide, including many multinationals, with an extraordinary range of manufacturing sectors and continuously growing: automotive, industrial vehicles, food and medical industry, optomechanics, aerospace and defense, hydraulics and pneumatics, energy and chemical industry, industrial automation, general engineering, recreational products, construction and other sectors (telecommunications, textile machinery, appliances, bathroom furniture).

    Differentiation is constantly inspired by the dynamics of the market: is in the DNA of Premek Hi Tech undertake new challenges, where technological innovative contents offer further opportunities for production.



      Specific asset of the Group focused on the medical industry is H.I.T.T., a spin-off of the parent company, specializing in the production and sale of precision mechanical components for medical applications intended for diagnostics and surgery.



      The interface of the Group’s sales is B.E.S.T., which offers commercial services for internationalization and strategic marketing.



      The WineWebDesign project was inspired by the desire to create a division conceiving and manufacturing designer products.


      Meditech Group specialises in solutions for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. It brings together realities of excellence in precision mechanics, electronics, plastic processing and aluminium and titanium anodising, united according to a logic of complementarity of skills to provide a complete supply service, ranging from co-design to the finished product. Oltre a Premek Hi Tech ne fanno parte Alfa Elettronica, Al Ti Color, Brovedani, Carniaflex e SIOM Termoplast.

      Vis Aqua is in charge of developing innovation projects in the field of hydropower. Since 2016, it has been engaged in the development of an innovative micro-hydroelectric technology, with low head and very low environmental impact, which to date has led to the realisation of an experimental prototype to test the power generated. Sandro Targa, an expert in the hydroelectric sector, and Goriziane S.p.A., a group that provides engineering solutions to the oil & gas, marine and industrial sectors, as well as maintenance and upgrades of vehicles, machinery and plants, are also part of the network.