The production of Premek Hi Tech has focused on precision machine parts and small assemblies in accordance with the customer’s design

The company specializes in the machining of stainless steel and aluminum alloys, also working on bronze, brass, plastics and special materials such as titanium, Inconel, Hastelloy

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We do and we always decided to do what others don’t. This, from our point of view, is to look beyond

Since 1978 Premek Hi Tech has chosen the path of technological improvement and continuous innovation, facing new industries in an increasingly wider market: a journey of growth with a firm and accurate step, which brings with it all the baggage of acquired skills.

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A natural orientation to quality at every stage of the production process

For Premek Hi Tech Quality is still much more of a flag to wave, it is rather a style and a way of being: everything starts from Quality. Everything has to end with that quality which should be ensured to the customer, pursued at every stage of the production cycle, became an integral part of the corporate system

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