School steps into business, choosing us and our forty-plus-year-long record in the precision machining industry.

On Wednesday the 10th of April, thirty students from the Sacile and Brugnera ISIS institute, attending two classes of the specialization in “Maintenance and Technical Support” were given a rundown on the biggest milestones in our history and learned about the dynamics that have allowed us to quickly evolve into a veritable “automated factory” run according to Industry 4.0 principles. The thirty future industry operators were also given the chance to learn about Premek Hi Tech’s current capabilities, grasping how we have come to set the benchmark in the local subcontracting industry. By way of background, it was important to touch on the role played by family-run SMEs in the socioeconomic development of that industrious slice of Italy’s Northeast we call home, a little universe of perseverance and ingenuity that has managed to carve out a very respectable place for itself in the global markets of excellence.


School steps into business: Premek and IPSIA


The company tour continued with a trip to the facility’s various departments and quality laboratories, where the young students watched practical demonstrations of production processes and testing and measuring procedures carried out on a mechanical part. The instructive morning – during which the students actively participated by putting highly pertinent questions to their hosts and making some interesting requests for more in-depth information – wrapped up with refreshments and the inevitable souvenir photo.