Premek Hi Tech has been awarded into the top one hundred companies in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region for digital maturity, also known as ”Beacons of Industry”.

We’ve been ranked based on a Digital Assessment, which rates digital maturity competencies for each of the areas of processes making up the value chain: design and engineering, production, quality, maintenance, supply chain, logistics, human resources, marketing, customer care and sales. The assessment also takes into consideration the following analysis dimensions: implementation, monitoring and control, technologies, and organization.


Beacons of Industry


Behind the project is the Polo Tecnologico di Pordenone who, in collaboration with the Lean Experience Factory 4.0 training centre and Industry Platform 4 FVG’s Diex – the first experiential digital innovation hub – have launched the ”Fari Manifatturieri” (beacons of industry) project with a view to identifying businesses in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region who are able to play a guiding role for others coming to grips with the digital transformation process. The whole project is based on a roadmap split into three stages: the first has revealed the top one hundred; the next two will whittle down the shortlist to forty and then to ten.

More specifically, the assessment found that:

  • our level of digitization is very high in terms of both digital readiness and digital connectivity, especially in relation to the areas of production and quality, which are our core business;
  • we focus heavily on the skills of our human resources and on monitoring their performance, managing them through digital media;
  • raising efficiency levels in operations – with investments in the production line – is an essential business value driver for us;
  • our digitization so far provides an excellent platform for future developments and can be further improved, in ”waves of technology”, by extending it to other areas and introducing smart instruments, capable of exploiting the wealth of digital data at our disposal analytically

The strengths that have emerged in terms of processes are as follows:

  • Design & Engineering
    • Digital part design, including BOM and change management
    • Transparent, digital nonconformance management
  • Production Management
    • Digital production planning shared across functions
    • Digital work order management with cycles, list of materials and work instructions
  • Quality Management
    • Digitally defined and highly visible quality controls, with automatic nonconformance alerts
    • Digital control tower for parameters and systems
  • Maintenance Management
    • Digital plant maintenance plan
    • Digitally coded and described maintenance operations
  • Logistics Management
    • Digital raw materials warehouse and equipment warehouse management, with monitoring of equipment wear
  • Supply Chain Management
    • Digital demand planning process with good timeframe visibility and use of historical and forecast data
  • Human Resource Management
    • Transparent, digital skills assessment process

What can we say? Here at Premek Hi Tech, we are no strangers to gratification from customer satisfaction. On top of that, we now have the gratification – in the shape of a report detailing the excellent level of digitization achieved by our company – of a positive rating from a centre of excellence promoting the region’s technological development.

This is certainly a result we will treasure. At the same time, we hope that our journey towards the future of the so-called ”automated factory” that we embarked on three years ago (hence, we might add, pre-dating the launch of the ”Piano Nazionale Impresa 4.0” national business 4.0 plan with all its attendant grants and concessions) will earn us further recognition. Certainly, it also bodes well that we left a highly favourable impression on the people carrying out the test and collecting the data required to assess our company. Such recognition would be a bonus on top of the improvements we expect to achieve in terms of quality performance and productivity.