We have set up a new department specifically dedicated to finishing, to achieve which we have relied on Rösler Group, a multinational leader in technologies at the service of these processes. The procedures that until now have been carried out on the machine are now managed in a special space and in a more advanced way, to the advantage of productivity, the accuracy of the procedures themselves and the quality of the result.


new finishing department


Operations are entrusted to the skills of personnel specially trained for this role, also in this case, therefore, according to a philosophy of human resource management projected into tomorrow, based on the virtuous combination of specialization-multidisciplinarity.

The intervention is part of a logic of continuous improvement of the production spaces, which is also expressed in the choice of advanced lighting systems and a type of flooring that contributes to the brightness of the environment and maintenance of hygiene. The well-being of those who contribute every day to the best of their ability to ensure that the work translates into excellent results is a value that in Premek Hi Tech is in fact considered of primary importance.