The upgrade to our production departments is still forging ahead. The space cleared by dismantling the old materials warehouse has now been added to the machining area.


En ny horisontell bearbetningscenter Okuma MA 400 HA

The functional requirements of the former warehouse area meant that some renovation work was required, including flooring and lighting. We are proud to say that the precision design of these elements has made our premises look more like a laboratory than a factory.
Once the works were completed, the new 500 sq.m. industrial space was equipped with an Okuma MA 400 palletized horizontal machining centre, which joins the other 14 machining centres for milling, a processing method for which we have had a large upturn in requests, thanks to a technological evolution that means we can machine increasingly complex components. The positive effect for the sectors in which we have invested significant resources and relations has indeed resulted in a considerable increase in orders based on this type of process.