At Premek a new Okuma Lathe is arrived, a new horizontal lathe that cuts production times and delivers excellence.

In the second part of this year, we have strengthened our investments in manufacturing technologies, giving a further boost to a growth process that shows no sign of stopping. One of the measures was the purchase of a new Okuma LB3000 EX II MYW horizontal lathe, with Y-axis and live tools, which adds to our already healthy array of equipment designed to handle complex machining.

New Okuma LB3000EXW

The ability – a distinctive feature of this machine – to perform end-to-end workpiece machining means that the production process setup times are reduced, allowing us to offer a more competitive service in terms of turnaround times.

Nonetheless, the advantages are not limited just to faster manufacturing: single-pass machining – i.e. without having to move the part from one piece of equipment to another – ensures a better result from a quality point of view, too, as it eliminates possible alignment errors, no matter how minimal. The purchase of this new lathe is part of a wider technology integration process initiated by Premek Hi Tech some years ago with a view to producing complex parts, which are in increasing demand ever since we decided to orient our business to the demands of high value added industries.