A next-generation vertical warehouse system has just been brought into the factory for raw materials.
It’s a ”giant” with a 50 sq.m. footprint that can store 120 tons of material. It is purposefully over-sized compared to current requirements, in anticipation of a further increase in production volume.


The trays that divide the system’s four supporting columns are equipped with a loading station that receives and automatically weighs metal bars for processing at the same time.
Efficiency and precision are improved through identifying material type and weight. The new addition also has a computerised system connected to the company’s management software, which gives real time data for stock levels by type and quantity, making operations more agile.

The finished product storage system has also seen changes. The existing vertical warehousing has been expanded with a ”twin” system, also connected to the management software.

We have therefore completely overhauled the factory department that deals with daily production output: Logistics and Purchasing are now already communicating in the language of the future.

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