A 2021 that’s all about new initiatives in the pipeline

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Virtual company tour now on the home straight.

We have been working on our plans for 2021 since November: we have a number of new undertakings on our plate. They include ramping up our attendance at online trade shows, a world we ventured into long before social distancing came along, and one we have been attending regularly over recent months; then there is the broadening of our communication channels, strengthening our social media presence.

We are also redefining our stakeholder relations dynamics: more specifically, initiating projects that will enable us to bring Premek Hi Tech straight to your screens: these include a virtual tour (which we are about to wrap up production on), which will allow you to explore our manufacturing departments and our offices through an engaging, full immersive experience.

To further boost our business opportunities in high value added industries, we are also working on tools that will allow us to interact with customers, especially potential customers, in an even more direct, targeted manner, with an essentially one-to-one approach.