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OKUMA MB 5000H e STAR SR-32 JII TYPE A | Premek

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With the OKUMA MB 5000H machining centre and STAR SR-32 JII TYPE A lathe another step up in production capacity and quality.

One of the pieces of equipment that has recently made its debut here is the new Okuma MB 5000H machining centre, a two-pallet horizontal milling machine, purchased to cope with the massive increase in demand that we have seen in the last eighteen months, partly linked to the new contracts signed with IMI Engineering and Saab, which regard components whose manufacture involves, above all, milling operations.
The new entry – used for precision chip removal on small parts – features high-speed pallet change, impressive axial acceleration and a generous linear guide. Its distinctive features include the Turn-Cut function, whereby the spindle is circular-interpolated in the X- and Y-axes to sync rpm, which is ideal, for example, in milling sealing surfaces.

We recently opened our factory doors to another machine, the Star SR-32 JII Type A sliding-head bar stock lathe, earmarked for the production of parts with very small diameters, extremely accurate and efficient; particularly versatile and capable of performing a number of processes all in one go, hence without the need to stop the workflow for setup. This clearly has a positive effect on turnaround and hence gives us an even greater competitive edge.

This latter new purchase caters to the need to align the management of processes with 4.0 criteria, on which almost all our operations are now based. This attests to the fact that, for us, digitization is a value that has become part and parcel of our daily business, and on which we have focused an investment policy geared towards constant growth and adaptation.