Another step forward in the pursuit of an environmentally sustainable industrial development model

Mmodello di sviluppo industriale ecosostenibile | Premek

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Intesa San Paolo acknowledges Premek Hi Tech’s level of implementation of the circular economy.

Another piece of good news comes from Intesa San Paolo: the bank has scored us highly in its assessment of our implementation of the circular economy, a virtuous industrial model whereby business and regional growth is decoupled from the consumption of exhaustible natural resources, upholding their value over time.

Our 70% overall circularity – given that the average achieved by businesses nationally is 55%, the average among other businesses in the region we belong to is 60%, and the fact that just two companies in Italy exceed 80% – is a result we can be proud of and one that has positive implications for driving further improvement in that it allows us to take advantage of the subsidized loans that Intesa San Paolo has earmarked for green investments.