“We do and we always decided to do what others don’t. This, from our point of view, is to look beyond.”

Since 1978 Premek Hi Tech has chosen the path of technological improvement and continuous innovation, facing new industries in an increasingly wider market: a journey of growth with a firm and accurate step, which brings with it all the baggage of acquired skills.

70s-80sConventional turningMechanical machiningsItalyFew and big italian customers in few industries
80s-90sCNC turning and CNC millingRaw materail Supply: Mecahncial machinings
Finishing operation (heat treatment and surface finishing)
EuropeSeveral italian and international customers in different industries
NEW MILLENNIUMSystem supplierInternational purchasing operations. Raw material supply, Prototyping, Mechanical machining, Finishing operation (heat treatment and surface finishing), Assembly operationsWorldOver 400 international customers in several industries