More green investments in the pipeline

Proseguono gli investimenti green | Premek

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A plan to install additional photovoltaic panels is currently being developed to increase clean energy supply for manufacturing.

Environmental responsibility is one of the values that consistently inform our business decisions. Both generally speaking and more specifically, as shown by the measures being planned for the coming months.
The first measure on the agenda is part of a green investment plan initiated five years ago.
In the coming months, a canopy will be produced over parking spaces that will be able to accommodate up to 350 sq metres of photovoltaic panels. These will supplement the existing panels installed on the facility’s roofs between 2015 to 2017, which are already capable of covering over 260 kW of our energy demand. In terms of direct benefits for the environment, this figure translates into 100 tonnes less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere – a substantial sum in itself – that will, of course, be improved on by the panels due to be installed soon.
One of our company goals is to ensure that energy from renewable sources – in other words, clean energy – accounts for an increasingly significant percentage of the resources used by our production departments: a fact that is becoming more and more evident. Furthermore, it is worth pointing out that, two years ago, these departments were fitted with latest generation air filtration systems, attesting to the fact that we see sustainability as a wide-ranging concept, extending to the quality of the air in our workplaces.