New year, time to take stock

Il 2020 si è chiuso positivamente | Premek

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We have had a positive 2020, despite the critical impacts associated with the pandemic.

Looking at last year in terms of figures, we can be satisfied with the outcome, despite the partial lockdown ensuing from the early stage of the health emergency.

Working in our favour is the fact that we belong to a sector – the industrial sector – that has not been as badly affected by Covid-19 as others. Our range diversification strategy has also helped mitigate the impact of the pandemic-induced crisis. Our targeting of hi-tech industries has also softened the blow considerably, especially since some – including the medical and automation sectors – have had to equip themselves to handle an increase in orders rather than grapple with a drop in demand.

Not to mention the fact that we went to some lengths to keep the lines catering to the above-mentioned industries running during the spring lockdown, doing our bit to ensure the continuity of essential supply chains.

All things considered, our 2020 turned out to be a significant success, thanks in part to our organization model and our well-timed strategic decisions.