Our production departments welcome a new entry and an imminent arrival

Multus B200II di Okuma | Premek

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Okuma Multus B200II multitasking machine already up and running and two anthropomorphic robots soon to be put to work.

New entries, in terms of production technologies, are never in short supply in our production departments, attesting to the fact that, on the one hand, we’re dealing with a constant increase in demand and, on the other, we’re forever investing to better meet that demand in terms of quality of results and turnaround times.
The “freshest” purchase is the Multus B200II, a multitasking machine from Okuma intended for the high-speed production of parts with complex geometries for small and medium lots, an all-in-one solution combining the advantages of both lathes and vertical machining centres. It can handle continuous machining with up to five axes, offers a 40-position tool magazine, and a 12,000 rpm milling head.

In January 2022, two FANUC anthropomorphic industrial robots will be put into operation, positioned near some of the multitasking machines used for longer, more repetitive machining processes. The two steel “androids” will be tending them, thus ensuring the processes can run unmanned. Benefiting from this upgrade will also be our night operations, handled in part with lights-out night shifts (with just one operator in attendance to monitor operations), the first of which was kicked off recently.