Plant list continues to grow

Okuma LB 300 MW | Premek

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The new Okuma LB 300 MW lathe joins other recent new entries designed to handle more complex machining.

One of the mainstays of our company policy has always been the decision to systematically invest a significant percentage of our sales in new technologies, something that we have been doing for some years now, partly prompted by a demand increasingly oriented towards complex machining. So the process of extending our plant list continues, combining versatility and efficiency to deliver an offering that really stands out in terms of both quality and competitiveness.

The latest newcomer is called Okuma LB 300 MW, and is a lathe with a sub-spindle featuring 24 tools and numerous accessories.

The aim of this latest upgrade to our lines is to be able to carry out a greater number of different processes using a single machine, thus reducing setup time, which has a positive knock-on effect on lead times and, consequently, on our ability to maintain a competitive edge. Being able to complete machining in a single stage, without having to move the workpiece from one piece of equipment to another, has an added bonus in terms of the quality of the end result as the likelihood of changes, albeit minimal, in alignments is removed from the equation.

What can we say? Innovation once again goes hand in hand with satisfaction: our customer’s, and hence our own.