Premek Hi Tech at “Innovation Days”, the digital factory of the future roadshow organized by il Sole 24 ore and confindustria.

Premek Hi Tech a “Innovation Days”

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Invited to speak at the first instalment, we talked about our company and our role as forerunners in the adoption of a 4.0 development model.

Production processes, design, maintenance, logistics, food, automotive, components, machinery: these are just some of the topics covered by the third edition of Innovation Days, the roadshow organized by Italian business newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore and Confederation of Italian Industry Confindustria, drawing an accurate picture of the Italian economy with the contribution of Sistemi Formativi Confindustria and the support of 4Manager.

Each session, moderated by Il Sole 24 Ore, is live streamed. The specific topics on the table have been chosen to highlight the qualities of the leading achievers in local manufacturing and industry belonging to the most representative supply chains. The first event, which was held on 22 April, focused on the Lombardy region, and was broadcast from the studios of Milan-based MADE, the Industry 4.0 “Competence Center”. We are proud to report that our company – despite not being based in Lombardy – was also directly involved in this first instalment: being one of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region’s top ten “Beacons of Industry” has clearly made us a noteworthy case in Italy’s digitization field.

With co-owner and sales manager Marco Camuccio behind the microphone, our talk opened with a little background on Premek Hi Tech, from our role as forerunners in the adoption of digitization processes to the above-mentioned major accolade, which is a form of reward in itself, in a certain sense. The talk then turned to how the production of a standard component is conceived and developed – analysing every stage of the process, from design through to quality control – and wrapped up with our commitment to sustainability, which has become something of a recurrent theme, pointing out the fact that we have a sweeping investment policy in this sense, ranging from a growing focus on renewable energy sources to the phasing out of plastics.