Environmental sustainability is growing stronger in Premek Hi Tech

Category: News

Our ISO 14001 certification has been renewed and other major green goals have been achieved.

Our journey towards the future is becoming greener, day by day. The initiatives we have launched to pursue environmentally sustainable company development have multiplied over time.

Our operations have in their turn come under the scrutiny of important institutions, as a document published by Intesa San Paolo banking group a couple of years ago shows, citing our excellent alignment with the circular economy, a positive industrial model in which industrial and regional development is detached from consumption of non-renewable natural resources, at the same time sustaining value. This is an important accolade, which has spurred us on to a deeper commitment to leaving a cleaner, more habitable world behind for generations to come.

We have indeed recently renewed our ISO 14001 certification, which attests to our ability to control the environmental impact of our operations and systemically seek coherent, efficient and, naturally, sustainable improvement. Sustainability is, on the other hand, a word we consider highly significant in our environmentally responsible corporate policy constructed on measurable choices. This is demonstrated in the latest goals we have achieved, most notably a substantial reduction in water and paper consumption and generation of waste.