Premek Hi Tech ranked among top 10 “beacons of industry” in Friuli Venezia Giulia

Industry Platform 4 FVG | Premek

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Award ceremony held in udine on 21 january to acknowledge the best implementations of digital transformation by the region’s businesses.

We’ve had a decidedly positive start to 2020: Premek Hi Tech has been nominated by Industry Platform 4 FVG – an industry-driving platform that brings together Friuli Venezia Giulia’s leading achievers – as one of the region’s top ten “Beacons of Industry”. Held on Tuesday 21 January in Udine, the award ceremony saw businesses that have been singled out for implementing the top digital transformation initiatives in the region take to the podium.

The “Fari Manifatturieri” (beacons of industry) project – which was initiated to identify manufacturers in the region who are able to play a guiding role in the digital transformation process – is split into three stages: the first revealed the top one hundred; while the next two whittled down the shortlist to forty and then to ten. What helped get us a place on the shortlist was our particularly advanced level of Process Monitoring.

We owe this result, in part, to the adoption of the revolutionary digital interface system,
I-Man: this system allows us to organize production and interact in real time with operators on the shop floor, promoting a fully interconnected operation and allowing us to monitor all machinery in terms of what product is being processed, quantity to be produced and quantity booked into stock, times and deviations from the standard cycle, downtime (if any) and its causes, quality control frequency and outcome, and production efficiency. All of this comes with the added bonus of allowing us to perform an in-depth analysis of efficiency by stage, machine/machining centre, department and operator.