45 years of Premek Hi Tech

45 years of Premek Hi Tech. The story of a constant desire for innovation rooted in experience

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The story of a constant desire for innovation rooted in experience.

So, we have made it to 45 years in business now, another important milestone along the path that has seen us become leaders of the exemplary North Eastern Italian industrial development model, acquiring a wealth of experience which has helped propel us towards the future with even greater impetus, with our sights always firmly set on what lies beyond.

Beyond the satisfaction of seeing our commitment rewarded with the figures and fidelity of particularly demanding sectors. Beyond the present, investing robustly in sustainability to ensure a brighter future. Beyond our existing knowledge base, using that know-how as the driver which propels us into new areas of specialist excellence. Beyond the boundaries of technology, always pushing forwards, fortified by the guiding role we assumed in the 4.0 revolution, becoming ambassadors of a fully automated, interconnected, people-centric manufacturing culture, way ahead of the times, proven by our unwavering belief in the talent and ambitions of our staff, since 1978.

Our other distinguishing features? Focusing on quality in our operations, in the spheres of technology, security and compliance with certification standards. Adopting an attentive, proactive approach to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. Promoting the finest driving forces in our territory. We achieved all this while also focusing on internationalization, the result of opening up to a world which has allowed Premek Hi Tech to exploit current market and industry trends, drawing from it the drive to further evolve and using it to boost competitiveness.