A commitment to sustainability aligned with the un agenda 2030 goals

A commitment to sustainability aligned with the un agenda 2030 goals | Premek

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Many initiatives have already launched and others are in the pipeline to help create a better tomorrow.

A plan of action for people, our planet and prosperity. This is the Agenda 2030 for sustainable development, signed on 25th September 2015 by 193 members of the United Nations, including Italy, to share the commitment to guaranteeing a better present and future for the Earth and its inhabitants. The plan sets out 17 goals to be achieved by 2030.

With the Agenda 2030, clear judgement has for the first time been expressed about the unsustainable nature of the current development model, not only from an environmental, but also an economic and social point of view, introducing an integrated vision of its various components.

For our part, as a company that firmly believes in the need to rethink the present in order to have a brighter future, we have worked, are working and will continue to work towards being increasingly sustainable.

Several substantial initiatives demonstrate this clearly. Our followers will already know some of them. They are linked to goals like clean, affordable energy, decent employment and economic growth, gender equality responsible consumption and production, but we will go into more detail about what we’ve done and are doing about those issues at a later date.