Continuous improvement in the production automation process

OKUMA MU5000 | Premek

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New robotic island with 40 pallets.

The use of robotics is now considered indispensable in production sectors where operational speed and precision make the difference. At the same time, the frontiers of human-machine interaction are moving a little further every day thanks to the use of increasingly sophisticated interfaces.

Our investments in increasingly advanced production systems follow the same logic. This is demonstrated, once again, by the fact that the doors of our factory recently opened to an innovation that makes a significant contribution to the processes: a robotic island with 40 pallets that automatically picks up the material to be machined and loads it into the machine that performs the machining, specifically a 5-axis OKUMA MU5000 machining centre.

This is also a fundamental efficiency upgrade for the operation of our lines, as it allows us to further enhance the unmanned night shift, which is therefore fully automated, to the benefit of an increase in the company’s overall productivity.