Green light for ramp-up of lights-out night shifts

Green light for ramp-up of lights-out night shifts

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Due to arrive in the coming months, more new equipment will allow a further two departments to operate fully unattended.

Back in spring 2021, we made the decision to set up a lights-out night shift in the departments where we have CNC bar stock lathes running and being fed by IEMCA feeders. The departments in question were first made safe by eliminating the use of gas, fitting machines using neat oil with automatic fire-suppression systems, implementing a video monitoring system for each piece of equipment, and suitably training a security guard to supervise operations in general, and take appropriate action and sound the alarm in the event of an emergency.

The increased volume of requests and the successful completion of the “running-in” of our lights-out night operations over recent months have prompted us to invest in their further development. The 15 units already up and running are thus being joined by several more. The aim, to ramp up production to meet the demand with even more competitive lead times.

We will soon be kicking off new lights-out night shifts in two departments — more specifically, the departments housing the Okuma MULTUS B300II and Okuma MULTUS B200II multitasking machines — where 2 Fanuc M-20iD/25 robots and 1 new Okuma MULTUS B300II lathe are due to be installed, while the department with the Okuma MA 400 Multipallet machining centres will be supplemented with Lang zero point multiple clamping systems, which will allow us to double the department’s lights-out night operation hours and ensure ultimate mounting accuracy on cubes.

Are we heading towards the “automated factory” of the future? Yes, but bearing in mind that people will continue to play an absolutely central role here at Premek Hi Tech.