IMI Precision Engineering give us full marks

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Collaboration well and truly cemented with the multinational pneumatic and fluid control components specialists.

The good news is that we have passed IMI Precision Engineering’s supplier audit with flying colours, meeting the high standards of this company specializing in the design and manufacture of pneumatic and fluid control components for demanding applications.

It is worth pointing out that we were already a known entity to the UK-based multinational: we have worked for various companies, over the years, that have later been brought under their umbrella, and have continued doing business with them after their respective takeovers. So it was less a case of checking our already widely recognized expertise, and more a case of understanding what “more” we could do.

In the final analysis, the audit findings revealed that in light of our level of technology, sales organization, and many other aspects – including our ability to react to the demand for considerable lot sizes – Premek Hi Tech has all the necessary credentials to qualify as a preferred supplier to IMI Precision Engineering.