Our first fully automated night shift is underway

lavoro notturno totalmente automatizzato | Premek

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Once again, digital production technologies make all the difference.

Today’s news is that we’ve just christened our first lights-out night shift. The decision to keep the facility switched on even overnight came from the realization that, in order to handle the increased volume of demand, we would have to ramp up our production. The fact that we have invested at just the right time in digital production technologies, which are fully remote controllable, has allowed us to adopt this new mode without “stretching” or putting particular strain on our organization. Far-sightedness has, once again, thus proved to be the keystone

Apart from a single operator tasked with supervising the plant and who can take appropriate action and notify the relevant parties in the event of an emergency, our factory runs on its own at night, in a fully automated manner. Of course, not all lines are running. For now, fifteen machines are being left on, partly used in bar stock turning, hence fitted with bar magazines/loaders; and partly in milling procedures, in this case fitted with a number of pallets to allow for non-stop operation. However, we are looking into getting a number of multitasking machines working during the night shift, too, fitting them out with a robotic work cell that will enable them to pick up the material automatically.

The lights-out operation of the lines is constantly monitored remotely: our engineers can step in at any time as required.