Premek 4.0 Set-up project: another step forward in the transition to digital

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Embracing multipallet machine set-up based on a 4.0 approach as a crucial strategy to further boost efficiency

Having reached the main targets of a ground-breaking process initiated a number of years ago, our digitization journey is proceeding at pace towards new completion and fine-tuning milestones. These include configuring multipallet machines with a 4.0-based set-up, at the same time as our lights-out night shifts are being ramped up as mentioned above. This option involves implementing an integrated technology and computer system project, with the aim of designing, developing and producing a new kind of production process, one geared towards modernizing and digitizing the way the flow of monitoring and progress information is handled.

Adopting a 4.0 set-up system also means reducing retooling times: a factor that has a positive knock-on effect in increasing and maintaining efficiency, especially in a market like the one we operate in, where the ability to produce even small runs and to respond to requests for quotes or feasibility enquiries in the shortest time possible makes all the difference.

Configuring machines with a 4.0-based set-up constitutes a game-changing upgrade, both in optimizing manufacturing and logistic performance and, consequently, in improving the handling of technical aspects in our business dealings. A decision, like every other at Premek Hi Tech, driven by the desire to deliver ultimate satisfaction for our customers.