Wire edm joins the premek hi tech ranks

Mitsubishi MV 1200 S(R) | Premek

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New Mitsubishi MV 1200 S(R) machine up and running.

When high value added industries come knocking with their demands, we certainly don’t want to keep them waiting. Attesting to this fact is the arrival of a Mitsubishi MV 1200 S(R) wire EDM machine.
The decision to further expand our plant list with this latest addition was prompted by a significant increase – especially evident in recent weeks – in orders for components and assemblies destined, above all, for the industrial automation market, whose manufacture involves this kind of machining.

EDM, or electrical discharge machining, is a material removal technique that leverages the thermal-mechanical erosion capabilities of electrical sparks. In this case, it is referred to as “wire” because the tool-electrode performing the work is a strand of pure copper wire.
The new piece of equipment delivers high performance and unbeatable accuracy, while also offering a high work rate: qualities that, in turn, translate into improved productivity, which is no small consideration for those who, like us, adopt a customer-centric approach and hence are also focused on meeting delivery deadlines.
As with previous investments in manufacturing resources, the purchase of this new machine is in line with our desire to handle as great a number of processes in-house as possible and, consequently, with the aim of providing a truly one-stop service.