Our first sustainability report

Il nostro primo report di sostenibilità - Premek

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The new milestone on a virtuous path: results coming soon 

It is nothing new that our ambitions also include constantly striving to be more sustainable. A new important milestone on this path towards a more virtuous future is our first sustainability report, a document due to be published shortly, with which we report our corporate choices within the framework of environmental, social and economic sustainability. It gathers data on the impacts of our activities according to the ESG model, an acronym derived from the initials of environmental, social and governance. Environmental concerns protection of the environment and biodiversity, reduction of CO₂ emissions and management of waste and toxic substances. Social combines criteria inherent to worker conditions and welfare, or operational health and safety, the right to medical care, educational and training support, management of schedules and fair pay. Governance refers to ethical choices: the fight against corruption, fair competition, corporate structure, the guarantee of equal opportunities and much more. We have chosen to adopt reporting because it formalizes our efforts to achieve the goals we have set, measuring results and delivering a ”promise” to improve those year upon year.

For us, this sustainability report is a further stimulus to raise the level of our sustainability performance. For those who depend on us, this is the proof that we are a reliable company, with a forward-looking approach, the custodian of a conscious, responsible business culture.