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Prototipazione rapida Nexa 3D Raise 3D - Premek

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Two new next-generation 3D printers now in operation

Two new 3D rapid prototyping printers went into operation in Premek Hi-Tech at the end of 2023. The two next-generation printers manufactured by two of the most reliable makers in the industry, Nexa3D and Raise3D, perform ultra-fast prototyping of various size components. Why have we decided to increase our prototyping resources? Because creating prototypes directly from CAD data in ultra-fast times allows the component or assembly to be adjusted according to results of tests conducted in real scenarios. This reduces development times and costs. Being able to identify and preventively correct errors eliminates the need to make changes once the production process has been initiated. The procedure exploits layering technology which guarantees absolute precision in production of complex prototypes. To sum up? Rapid prototyping increases efficiency, translating into better service in terms of quality and competitiveness.